Serene Oak Hypnosis Center

Gain balance in your life by connecting your mind, body and spirit.

How does hypnosis, hypnotherapy and energy therapy work?
Using the art of dialogue and effective techniques by a skilled practitioner, you are guided to let go of old behaviors and reprogram your subconscious mind. In this altered state of consciousness, you increase the ability to imagine and remember, to be creative and to respond to positive suggestions.   Through hypnosis, Reiki and Energy Therapy techniques, you will gain knowledge and clarity, heal, resolve issues and come away with a greater realization of the eternal nature of your being. 
Modify Behaviors
Whether you want resolve fears and phobias, improve your mental health or reduce anxiety and stress; hypnotherapy can help.  Anxiety is no fun to live with, and many of us suffer with it daily.  Connecting your mind, body and spirit can reduce anxiety, stress, fears, negative feelings about yourself and improve your outlook on life and your health. 
Find your path
Are you searching for a life in which you feel fulfilled, of service, connected, vibrant and 
truly alive? The path doesn't necessarily shine like a guiding beacon ahead. However, there are ways you can actively pursue and bring your purpose to you. Hypnosis can help you connect with your higher self and your guides.  Everything you need to live your best life is deep within you -- discover the true purpose of your life.

Release what no longer serves through hypnosis and energy therapy...

Past Life Regression
Releasing negative emotions and thoughts (which are just energy) which no longer serve your best interests, will help you live longer, be a better parent, partner, co-worker and person.   
The subconscious mind is 1000 times more powerful than the conscious mind, and is where you want to do the work to resolve and release the unwanted negative emotions causing issues.

Through Behavior ModificationRegression (Past Life and Current Life) and Reiki/Energy Therapy sessions, you can process and release emotions from your subconscious mind and improve your life, becoming a healthier and more well-balanced you!
Albert Einstein on Energy
“Everything is energy.” ~ Albert Einstein

Even though the body appears to be material, it is not. In the deeper reality, your body is a field of energy, transformation and intelligence.

— Deepak Chopra